Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Accessing your accounts couldn't be easier with OIB's Mobile Banking and it comes at no cost to you. Now wherever you go, we are with you! It's like having a OIB branch in your pocket!

Access your accounts in OIB's mobile banking through three different options: mobile browser, SMS/Text message, or downloadable App. Find the one that's best for you and get started today!

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  • Free, convenient service for OIB customers
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Stay on top of your finances 24/7
  • With OIB's Mobile Banking you can enjoy the following features:
  • View account balances
  • Track account activity
  • Transfer funds
  • Locate ATM and branch locations
  • Complete bill payments through your existing profile
  • Access with downloadable app, mobile browser, or SMS/Text
  • Use with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Enrolling in Mobile Banking is as easy as O-I-B! Simply log in to your online banking profile and enroll for mobile banking under the "Other Services" tab. You will receive text messages to complete your setup and access. Reply to the text message with "yes" to complete your enrollment.


Mobile Apps

Get the OIB mobile application for your smartphone or tablet through the App Store (iPhone and iPad) or through the Google Play Store for your Androids.

Mobile Browser Banking

When using the web browser on your mobile phone, you can check account balances, transfer money and locate ATMs and banking offices. If you are set up and utilizing our Bill Pay service, you can even pay bills using the browser on your mobile phone. When you enroll within your online banking profile, you will be prompted with instructions to complete the setup right there on your phone.

Text/SMS Banking

Utilize either your smartphone or regular cell phone to access your account information through OIB's Mobile Banking. If you can send a text message or SMS, you can request information about your balances and recent transactions.

Text 469228 with one of these commands:

  • Text BAL to view balances for all eligible accounts
  • Text HISTORY and ACCOUNT# or NICKNAME for recent transactions on account requested
  • Text XFER AMOUNT and ACCOUNT# or NICKNAME to transfer money between OIB accounts setup in your online banking profile
  • Text Stop to opt out
  • Text HELP for our phone number
  • Text HELP ALL for a listing of all commands
Securing Mobile Devices
  • Use passcodes to protect mobile devices and enabling screen-lock features after inactivity
  • Turn off mobile features that are not being used
  • Before downloading any app in Android market, read reviews about the app developer or company publishing the app and understand user app permissions that will be allowed once the app is downloaded
  • Install mobile malware protection
  • Install anti-virus and file integrity software
  • Turn off geo-location when not in use
  • Avoid connecting to unknown wireless networks. These networks could be rogue access points that capture information passed between your device and a legitimate server
  • Reset or wipe devices before they are sold or traded
  • Keep smart-phone software patches and upgrades up to date
  • Avoid links or software downloads from unknown sources
  • Use the same precautions on a mobile device as you would use on a PC

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