Whether you're looking to open up your first checking account or your fifth, OIB has an array of options for you to choose from to fit your lifestyle.

  • OIB Reward Checking

    Learn MoreOIB Reward Checking

    This free, high interest checking account rewards you with our highest rate and unlimited ATM fee refunds.**

  • OIB Reward Plus Checking

    Learn MoreOIB Reward Plus Checking

    Reward Plus Savings and Reward Plus Checking work together to help you save more automatically.

  • OIB Free Checking

    Learn MoreOIB Free Checking

    Enjoy conveniences like online banking while you do unlimited checking without spending a penny.

  • OIB Regular Checking

    Learn MoreOIB Regular Checking

    This popular account has great convenience features and options to minimize or eliminate monthly fees.

  • OIB Interest Checking

    Learn MoreOIB Interest Checking

    This account is easy to manage and pays interest on your entire balance—the way it should be.

  • OIB Money Market

    Learn MoreOIB Money Market

    Combine the strength of a tiered-rate savings account with the flexibility of a checking account.

  • OIB Ultra-Checking

    Learn MoreOIB Ultra-Checking

    Added flexibility with this premium money market; ideal for those who keep larger balances.